Specialised ship design since 1966

OSK-ShipTech is one of the biggest consulting naval architecture companies in Scandinavia. We have specialised in full-line supply of maritime and interior design, naval architecture, and marine engineering services with a unique combination of technical and commercial expertise as well as maritime advisory tailored to our clients’ specific needs.
Our core business is the design and engineering services related to special vessels such as navy and defence, research and fishery inspection vessels, ferries, wind turbine installation vessels, and crew transfer to name a few.
We apply a holistic design approach, taking into consideration all aspects of a vessel’s purpose and covering everything from operational requirements, optimised hull lines, propulsion type, lifecycle analysis to crew well-being in our designs.

OSK-ShipTech A/S
Balticagade 12C, 1. DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Tel. +45 86 17 80 99