Cross Domain for classified networks within Army, Navy, and Airforce

Arbit is private owned and controlled company based in Copenhagen Denmark.
Arbit offers a complete range of accredited and certified Cross Domain Solutions based on data diode technology. The Arbit Data Diode and the Arbit TRUST Gateway solve the data exchange challenges of running seamless-connected classified/segmented/air-gapped networks.
The C4ISTAR Gateway platform includes a full ruggedized hardware solution, applications for Multi-engine Virus Scanning, and Content Disarm and Reconstruction technologies.
Our platforms are operationally tested and already deployed within the Danish Army, Navy and Airforce plus government institutions across Europe and The Middle East.
The Arbit Data Diode has the highest possible Common Criteria certification, EAL 7+ by BSI in Germany, and accredited for NATO COSMIC TOP SECRET and  EU TOP SECRET by CFCS.

World Class Cyber Security connecting forces. Made in Denmark with a short, robust supply chain.

Arbit Cyper Defence Systems
Immerkaer 54, DK-2660 Hvidovre
Tel. +45 51558645