Naval Team Denmark offer membership to suppliers or potential suppliers to the Royal Danish Navy both in terms of platforms, systems, services and knowhow.

A membership provides your company with:

  • Unique export and sales opportunities through strong reference to and close relations with the Royal Danish Navy based on a formal Cooperation Agreement
  • Direct link to Danish Defence in general and Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organization in particular, including access to potential R&D funding
  • On-board product promotion on Danish naval ships deployed or at home base
  • Unique marketing opportunities utilizing a navy, operating ships and helicopters in the most extreme Arctic weather conditions
  • Access to a strong Danish Naval Industry Network, including 2 exclusive network meetings per year
  • Direct access to the NTD Secretariat´s profound knowledge of:
    • Naval Operations and Material Requirements
    • Danish “Defence Thinking” in general
    • Defence Agreements, White Papers, Analysis etc.
    • Arctic Naval and Coast Guard Operations
    • Arctic security policy
    • Baltic Security Challenges and Operational Requirements
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