Weibel Scientific

The global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radars. 

At Weibel Scientific, we have one overarching goal – to continue delivering the world’s best and most advanced Doppler radars. Weibel radars are used globally to protect lives and assets on the ground, at sea, in air, and in space. For almost 40 years, we have developed and delivered cutting-edge velocity and position-measuring instruments to customers all over the world. We count numerous governments, public organizations and international conglomerates among our customers, and we offer our expertise to the NATO missile defense, NASA, and other international space agencies. With an experienced and innovative eye for business and technology, Weibel Scientific’s management and staff have taken the company to where it is today: the global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radars.

Weibel Scientific A/S
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