Standard Flex Concept

The Danish concept of unique operational flexibility and cost savings.

The concept is a combination of standard platforms and different exchangeable weapon and system modules to match different missions or roles. Sensors and systems common to all roles are permanently fitted. As a truly “plug and play” concept it offers unique operational flexibility and exceptional lifelong logistic and financial advantages.

The Standard Flex concept was first applied to the 14 units of the FLYVEFISKEN-Class commissioned during the 1990s. Since then the concept has been used in all new classes of ships built for the Royal Danish Navy (RDN). At present the RDN’s stock of modules numbers more than 100 of over a dozen different types, either on board ships or at naval depots. Mission change can be completed in any harbour in less than eight hours and requires only a crane.

Exchange modules can be transported either over land by trucks or be ferried by sea. The benefits of the Standard Flex concept are gradually being recognised by other navies. Examples are the US Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ships and the US Coast Guard’s Deepwater Program.