Other platforms

6 minor vessels of the HOLM-class and 4 small unmanned vessels of the MSF-class are in service since 2006.A 100 t vessel of FRP construction and with one Standard Flex container position. The Standard Craft has a crew of 3 (accommodation for 9) and is designed for training of midshipmen, hydrographic survey and for operating as a remote-controlled MCM drone.

As the only remaining unit of the Standard Flex 300-class within the Royal Danish Navy HDMS SOELOEVEN has been converted to diving support vessel.

As an alternative to the MCM units of the Standard Flex 300 that has been phased out a new modular MCM system is under development by the Royal Danish Navy.  The system is based on units of the HOLM-class and the MSF-class and containerized command modules and containers, that can be deployed onboard or from positions ashore. The system furthermore consists of sidescan sonars and remotely operated vehicles and dinghies.