CoMMand SUpport ShIp

Two ships of the ABSALON-class entered service in 2004 and has already demonstrated their flexibility as command platform for SNMG 1 and in several deployments in anti-piracy operations.

This revolutionary new type of ship has an unprecedented capacity for being transformed from a combat ship with the firepower of a traditional frigate to a hospital ship within a day. As a Ro-Ro vessel it has a 900 m² flex-deck enabling transport of main battle tanks, military trucks, troops etc. or for instance a containerised hospital. It carries two high-speed insertion crafts for commandoes.

The armament is unique: one 127 mm gun (US Mk 45 Mod 4) ready for extended range ammunition, two 35 mm rapid firing guns (Millennium), five Standard Flex container positions each for eight harpoon Block II or 12 Evolved seasparrow missiles and in addition stinger missiles.

The command support ship has complete facilities for a force commander and can accommodate a staff of up to 90 persons.