CoMMand SUpport ShIp

Two ships of the ABSALON-class entered service in 2005 and deployed for Counter Piracy Operations in the Indian Ocean in 2008, proving the flexibility of these unique platforms.

The ABSALON-class is a frigate with a 37 TEU sized cargo hold. This revolutionary concept combines the traditional role of a frigate with the flexibility of a small Ro-Ro ship. The 900 m² flex-deck enables transport of main battle tanks, military trucks, troops etc. and provides space for staff facilities or acommodation for SOF teams or Emergency equipment. The ships have frequently been used as CTG/CTF Command platforms.  

The armament:127 mm gun (US Mk 45 Mod 4) ready for extended range ammunition, two 35 mm CIWS (Millennium), five Standard Flex container positions each for Harpoon Block II and/or Sea Sparrow Mk. 56 containers.