Rear Admiral (ret.) Nils Wang as new Director, Naval Team Denmark

“I could not ask for a better job” says Nils Wang

On the 1. May, Rear Admiral (ret.) Nils Wang became Director, Naval Team Denmark. After more than 40 years in naval uniform, Nils Wang retired from his last position as Commandant of the Royal Danish Defence College. Before he assumed the responsibility for all officer education in the Defence Force he was Head of the Royal Danish Navy from 2005 to 2010. He has more than ten years of active sea duty in the Danish Navy including 5 years in Arctic Waters around Greenland.   The Admiral is one of Denmark’s leading analysts on issues related to geo-politics, Arctic security and the relationship between Denmark and Greenland. In 2011 he was invited by the Minister of Foreign Affairs as special advisor on Arctic Security during the finalization of the “Kingdom of Denmark - Strategy for the Arctic 2011-2020”.  In 2015 Rear Admiral Nils Wang was appointed to be part of the Taksøe-Jensen Advisory Group, assisting the development of a new set of priorities for Denmark´s future foreign and defence policies. Nils Wang is frequently commenting Arctic matters on national and international media and he is an often used expert/guest speaker on conferences and venues dealing with geo-politics. In December 2016 Rear Admiral Nils Wang was invited to lecture Senior Executives on Arctic Security at the Harvard Kennedy School, Executive Programme and he is attached as lecturer to the Senior Policy Course at The NATO School in Oberammergau.