- more than an export club

Naval Team Denmark provides added marketing, sales and innovation value to regular and affiliated members through a long-lasting unique and integrated relationship with the Royal Danish Navy. Our special ability to conduct promotion events on board Danish Navy ships during port visits all over the world, provide members with opportunities to promote their products in a real operational environment, supported by the end user.

We have an ambition to turn Naval team Denmark into a registered and desirable trademark of proven innovative solutions with an exclusive reference to the Royal Danish Navy for both regular and affiliated members. 


Join Naval Team Denmark and get instant access and reference to a prominent naval industry network and a long lasting and proven navy-industry cooperation. For more than 25 years this successful public-private partnership has been instrumental in transforming a traditional role specific cold war anti invasion navy into a modern, flexible and extremely cost effective navy. In fact, one of the smartest navies in the world.Naval team Denmark was founded in 1992 and was formally approved by Parliament in 1995. Read the founding act her...


NTD was founded in 1992 and subsequently approved by parliamentary authorities in 1995 and works in close cooperation with the Royal Danish Navy (RDN).